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Wooden Plaques and Shields – 7/9/11/13 & 21 Year options


WOW FACTOR – A Prestigious Nickel Plated Cup with ornate handles available in 10 sizes.


This Wooden Plaque is available in Mahogany or Light Oak and comes in 6 sizes


This vibrant Trophy Cup is available in 8 bright colours and 6 Sizes


This is a very popular Trophy Cup and is available in 3 sizes


This very popular Silver Multi Sport Trophy is mounted on a black marble plinth and comes in 5 sizes


This very popoular Mini Shield comes with a Laurel Leaf wrapped around a 1″ Centre.


This very large Multi Sport Trophy Cup is available in 4 sizes


This Very Imposing Multi Sport Trophy is Mounted on a Large Plinth and comes in 4 sizes.


This V Shaped Victory Award comes in 3 sizes and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place options


This popular Octagonal Jade Glass Award is suitable for any sport or activity and comes in 3 sizes.


This top selling versatile Multi Sport Trophy Cup is available in 6 sizes